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Somers Islands

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Right from the town hall a replica of the pillory and frontal Rapid Fire stands, where criminals were executed in the first years of the foundation of the colony. Crimes were different. Bermuda law was harsh, and threatened the death penalty for any crime whether it was the murder of a child or damage to the livestock. Maybe that's why Bermuda is one of the safest countries in the world. Crime is now almost gone.

blue dolphin

From Royal we pass over a small bridge to the Ordnance Island. It is a tiny island where there is a replica of "Deliverance". It is one of the ships built for Somers sailed to Virginia. Now it is a museum. Near the ship there is an infamous chair to which women tied for bad behavior, witches and traders of scams. In a small park located on the bay there is a bronze statue of the founder of the city of Sir Somers. Sculptor portrayed Admiral at the very moment when he sees the land open in front of them. Disheveled hair, torn clothes, hands upraised up.

Ordnance Island also serves as a dock for cruise ships. Every day thousands of tourists land on a little St. George. But it was December and navigation was long over, and the streets were deserted, allowing us to safely walk through the ancient narrow streets.

red sky boat

We came back to King's Square. On the bay opposite to the Houses of government there stands one of the oldest restaurants in town named "White Horse Tavern". Built in 1815 the building belonged to the haberdasher John Davernport, after whose death something was found in the basement of the house. It was were silver and gold bullion in excess of 75,000 pounds - a fortune at that time. Descendants opened the restaurant, which is still popular with locals and tourists. Kitchen is one of the best on the island. Especially famous there is Bermuda stuffed lobster – a fish soup - Bermuda fish chowder. We dined at this restaurant and made sure the lobster soup was really good, and reserved a place on the evening of December 31, because the Royal Square is the main venue for the New Year. All Bermuda residents and visitors from around the world New come there on Year's Eve.

It was getting dark, and we just decided to walk around the streets of the evening city - one of the oldest cities in the New World. Along King Street we come to Bridge Street, where the former residence of the governor of Bermuda was. The house was built in 1690 and still has the furniture and furnishings of the 18th century. Now we called Bridge House, and it is an art exhibition and a gift shop.

sand beach stones

Coming down the Rue Royal we hit the Princess Street and found the Old State House - the oldest stone building in Bermuda. The building was constructed in 1620. Once there was located Bermudian parliament and the courts. Right away those who were convicted, were on the Place Royale, where they met death on Calvary or the pillory. Until now, from 1816 year, according to tradition Old House, which now belongs to the Masons, the government pays annual rents.

When we reached the Duke of York Street we stopped before Somers Garden.-There we were surrounded by palm trees, roses and exotic flowers hibiscus that has buried heart of founder Sir George Somers Bermuda. His nephew, Matthew Somers, who accompanied Admiral in all the campaigns, understood that superstitious sailors do not want to carry a dead body back to England . Тем временем в новостройке после первоначального косметической отделки в ремонтную компанию обратились с заказом выполнить ремонт квартир в Питере недорого и качественно. Строительные материалы предосталяются со скидкой. Then he removed the internal organs of his uncle, placed them in a coffin, and Sir Somers was buried with military honors on the island, now bears his name. Then embalmed body was placed in a sealed box of cedar and secretly carried on the ship. With this trick , the body of Admiral successfully arrived in England

shallow ocean

At the spot where the buried heart of the admiral is, there is a a stone stands now. And in 1920 the garden appeared by the initiative of the Prince of Wales (aka King Edward VIII, Duke of Windsor aka renounced the throne for the sake of happiness become husband of simple American woman Mrs. Simpson).

We go down from the street of Duke of York to Duke of Kent. Almost on the outskirts of the city unfinished gloomy building in the style of the Tower of London stands. It was launched in 1874, and the unfinished cathedral was to replace the oldest on the islands of St. Peter's Church (its age is about 400 years). Finally, in 1894 the city fathers decided instead to build a new church to restore the old one. So the city has another attraction - Unfinished Cathedral, which is enjoyed by tourists. Indifferently running past for the Old Cathedral, built in 1600s. It was gladly photographed as a modern unfinished buidling. Modern building St. Peter Church, which foundation was laid in 1610, was finally built in 1713. And the tower was attached 100 years later - in 1814.

Unesco attraction

Here is the next part of the story about traveling to Bermuda that we publish on this website.

In addition, we found on Dokyard confectionery fabrication attendants rum - Rum Cake Company. In the spacious hall tables were set with samples of products that could be tried. Who would have thought that so many different cakes can be made from ordinary cane mash. On the door a placard hung stating that children under eighteen years of age are not recommended to eat rum products because of the very high percentage of alcohol. This inspired us so much that we ate almost all goods exhibited on trial. Roma hosts confectionery did not regret and we left the store a little woozy. That did not stop us to continue our journey.

cruise ferry

I wanted to go from Dockyard to Somerset village on foot to admire the island, connected with small bridges. The oldest was Somerset bridge, built in the early 1600s - the world's smallest drawbridge when it is open, it barely passes through a sailboat. But husband resisted. Run like a rabbit, in front of the bus, I do not intend to - he said, alluding to the fact that the road through all these islands passes one and pavements in Bermuda are not provided.

- No, please, no - after the husband a daughter sang.
So again we had to take a bus to go from Dockyard to Hamilton Island via the North Irish, Southern Irish, Watford and Somerset.

cruise front ship

It had no road changed its name depending on population. It is called North Pender on Road Irish island. It changed its name immediately after crossing the bridge Grey. We entered the Irish South and the road became known as Malabar. Somerset on the island is immediately after the bridge Watford. Signs with the name were changed to Somerset Road. After that we crossed the world's smallest monkey bridge Somerset and found ourselves on the biggest Bermuda Hamilton on Middle Road. The road forked one part, still Middle, stretches in the middle of Hamilton. The other - South – was along the southern coast. We entered the City roads and no longer left it until the terminal. If you want to visit the pinkest free city beaches in the world, go to Horseshoe, Elbow, Chaplin, John Smith's. Your path lies along South Road (Bus 7). Well, if you want to come to the bus station quickly, you need to take bus 8. Both buses start and end their journey together.

ocean fish

At the bus station we took a bus to St. George. It is one of the oldest cities in the New World, which is by the decision by UNESCO in 2000 was included in the World Heritage List. That is, has become one of the 812 items, which includes 125 countries. It is interesting that this list does not belong to the city and Bermuda, but the UK as Bermuda is still an English colony.

History of St. George City starts with a shipwreck, which has suffered from the command of Admiral Somers Bermuda shores. A fleet of nine ships heading from England to Virginia in the newly founded Jamestown was to deliver provisions and new colonists. Flagship "Sea Venture" was caught in a storm and washed up on the reefs near future capital of Bermuda.

palm middle ocean

Somers team lived on the island for 42 weeks and then built two small ships from the remnants of "Sea Venture" and local cedar. They were "Deliverance" and "Patience", departed to Jamestown leaving several people on the island - as proof of ownership of the island to the English crown. Arriving in Virginia colony Somer found it in a terrible state. Most of the colonists died of starvation, diseases and Indian raids. Admiral was forced to return to Bermuda for provisions. Here he fell ill and died, and bequeathed to bury his heart on the island. His will was executed, his heart was buried in St. George City, in the park that bears his name - Somers Garden, and his body was returned to England and given to land there.

surfer girl

And two years later, in 1612, Bermuda was officially proclaimed a British territory. Capital of the new colony was the city of St. George, named in honor of St. George and called by George Somers. Dragon is a symbol of the city. The city has preserved its original appearance and many historical buildings still in use as well as 200-300 years ago. The central area of the city is called Royal . This area was built 200 years ago, and in times of Somers at this place was a swamp . Now it is the municipality building, the entrance to which is available to anyone interested. City government chosen in free elections since 1805, consists of 10 members, including the mayor and meets once a month to discuss municipal affairs. On the walls there are portraits of governors of Bermuda, and the flag at the entrance, which was brought from his native city, Admiral Somers Lyme Regis, Dorset county in England.

Caves, shops and glass

This is how we continued our little adventures during our Bermuda trip.
We went pretty deep down and found that there are people in the caves. A few people intently splashing in the water under the overhanging stalactites caps. It was quiet, you could hear only tapping with icicles falling drops. In the water there were wooden steps, rather dilapidated. To our surprise, the water was not cold, not warm - the temperature is not felt. But heavy and salty. It was deep , because the bottom was impossible to get even diving , although the water was so clean and clear that the bottom was with stalagmites protruding up perfectly in sight.

coast sunset

Surrounding lake stalactites were very sharp, and I cut myself, rebounding from the wall with my leg. Interestingly, when we came out of the water, then again we did not feel temperature change - obviously water and air temperature were about the same. Naturally, we filmed our feat on camera presented in the tourist department of our Resort and received Certificate of Participation, in which it was written that we have displayed outstanding courage, floating in the stalactite caves. A hotel receptionist even called me "brave lady", which aroused the displeasure of my husband obviously considered himself no less brave.

crab on beach

Rest of the day we spent in the Fitness Center. I and a daughter sitting in the jacuzzi and the spouse pumping muscles to rest tomorrow.

In the morning we had breakfast at one of the restaurants on the Resort. The buffet was good. A lot of fruit options with sausages, ham and pastries. As hot dish you can order an omelet or scrambled eggs. Worth it all $18 per person . Since food is not included in our package, we paid what was called our room number. In Resort it was pretty much all kinds of services not included in the package, well, for example, souvenir shops , clothing, beach accessories etc. And for us yet restaurants, including beach eateries.

juggler beside ocean

In all these places we had just to name a number of our rooms. If the service is included in our package, we did not pay, and if not, then we put on the counter and check-out the accumulated amount we added to the bill. I must confess that the meter works perfectly. Three days for additional services dripped about five hundred bucks.

Second day on the islands we decided to devote local attractions. We traveled as much as possible across all the islands. By purchasing travel we took the bus to the side of Hamilton and half an hour later we were already in the capital of Bermuda. It became the main city of the country only in 1815, replacing St.George Town. Actually there is nothing to see there - the church, municipality, department stores, Queen Victoria Park, never used Fort Hamilton, the memorial who died in the two world wars. That's probably all.

palm tree and boat

We went through the streets of the capital, looked in shops, horrified by prices, walked around the Church street, which concentrated all the churches in the City, and visited the fort to admire the wonderful view of the city. What made a special impression on us is cops in shorts and ties.

After that, with a clear conscience we went further. When he reached the waterfront, we boarded on the steamer going towards Dokyard - Royal Naval Dockyard. It is Bermuda's largest fortress, built in the 19th century. Cutter was about half an hour, and during that time we had a good admire of coastal villas and small islands appearing on our way. They were almost all privately owned.


Ayreland is on an island where there is a fortress, the main attraction is the Maritime Museum, opened by Queen Elizabeth II of England in 1975 and the Arts Center, opened by her sister, Princess Margaret, in 1984. In addition you can see the dolphin park and visit the water park, where you will be trained to dive in mask and look at the colorful fish. In general, it is also not unusual. All this can be seen in other places.

But that's what was really unique is a factory for the manufacture of glass products - Dockyard Glassworks. If you believe the advertising, none of products of glassblowers at the factory is duplicated, all works are unique and made by hand by local craftsmen. You can order a product individually and follow its creation. Unfortunately, we did not have a cnacne to personally verify how skilled local glassmakers are. Workshop was closed on Saturday. But the art of the masters we saw and appreciated. Indeed, the windows did not have the same work. Prices were also at the highest level.

Passion attractions on Bermuda

Here we go again on our trip on Bermuda islands. We decided that the first day we will have to survey the surroundings. Resort is in an amazing location. It is on the outskirts of Hamilton Island, close to the virgin jungle wearing touching the name "Tom Moore's Jungle". Forests were so named because the Irish poet and economist, author and friend of Byron about a year lived in these places as Bermuda Registrar of the Admiralty. Here he wrote several poems on local content. The poet lived then in capital of Bermuda, St. George town at the inn, now called Aunt Nea's Inn (Restaurant Auntie NEI) and is very popular among tourists because of the romantic story hotel, which happened to poet within its walls.

anemone undersea

In times of Moore in 1804, close to the house of his father, Captain Tucker lived with a beautiful daughter Neya Tucker, the bride of one of the most respected people in the city. Poet fell in love and watched, stared at her window hoping to see the object of his passion. This girl's father, the formidable Captain Tucker, got to know about it. He forbade the poet to appear near his home. Tom's heart was finally broken and he bowed his head, walked along the path, which is now called the alley NEI - Nea's Alley - to his friend on the way writing poems dedicated to his beloved girl.

By chance , a friend of the poet lived in the house, which is now known as Tom Moore's Tavern and it is the most exquisite restaurant in Bermuda. The house was built in 1652 and opened its doors to various worthy people, including his royalty majesty Prince Charles of Wales. Although beautiful she did not respond to the poet in return. Virtually all the poems written by Moore in Bermuda were dedicated to her. Except, of course, those who are devoted to tree calabash tree, growing up to now about 200 meters from the tavern and is a place of pilgrimage for lovers of fine literature. It was the tree under which love letters to Nee were written. Locals call it the tree of passion.

diver under boat

Thomas Moore was not the first poet who glorified Bermuda. Two centuries before him, in 1611 so did another poet - William Shakespeare. Although the great Englishman had never been to Bermuda, its action in tragicomedy "The Tempest" comes off from Bermuda islands. It was there that crashed ship, which sailed heroes of tales. Here Shakespeare made a geographical blunder, somehow, crossing the Mediterranean Sea found itself on the coast of Central America. With geography great poet was clearly not in harmony.

Obviously, the plot of the play was suggested by Shakespeare. Actual events occurred the two years before in 1609. British troops under Admiral Sir George Somers, bound for Virginia and was wrecked near Bermuda. Escape was possible only thanks to the fact that the team was able to land on one of the nameless Bermuda dotted with reefs.

ocean rocks at sunrise

Following Moore Shakespeare and many other known and unknown writers visited the island and left a memory in the hearts of grateful local people. Mark Twain, for example, is credited with the fact that Bermuda has become a popular tourist destination. He first called Bermuda a paradise, unlike his predecessors, who called Bermuda not otherwise as Devil's Island. Later the rest and Kipling, Eugene O'Neill (the father of Charlie Chaplin and part-Irish play-writer), Sinclair Lewis and John O'Hara and others. Currently locals are proud of the fact that they chose the island as a place of permanent residence of the star couple - Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones.

Bypassing the neighborhood, we were pleased that our hotel was located next to the stalactites and stalagmites caves named Crystal and Fantasy ($ 21), and ten kilometers from the Bermuda Aquarium and Zoo ($10). But the most important advantage Resort has that on its territory there are two own stalactite caves, which are open free of charge every day. And there are lakes where you can swim if you wish. In each one we had such a desire. After we had settled in my room we had lunch in the restaurant. The food was the most shocking of all.

ocean rocks

We did not have to go far. Two caves were directly under the windows of our room and had exotic names and Prospero's Cathedral. Prospero is a so-called one of the heroes of "The Tempest" by Shakespeare, a magician by profession. Go down the stairs, we found quite deep caves that were near one another and that could come loose, although the inscription over the entrance warned that there is no protection for the safety of visitors in the caves and people are responsible for themselves to bathe in lakes. The administration is not responsible neither for drowning, nor for the already drown. After reading this, our daughter immediately expressed a desire to take a dip.

How we used transport on Bermuda

This is the second part of the notes of the person who had her first trip to Bermuda. This is not like any other trip advertisement, because it is simple not one.

We got a taxi and after passing the bridge two minutes later entered the territory of Resort. It was fun to see on the counter $5, but three suitcases added another $3 well, and tip $2. In a word, we just paid $10 full-fledged American money. It turned out that despite the fact that Bermuda is under the patronage of the British Crown, the money of Bermuda are converted one to one to the U.S. dollar, which are accepted on par with the local currency. Local dollars capture the Queen of England, and different denominations have their own color. I kept a few coins of Bermuda, which on the one side show all the same Elizabeth II, on the other – a fish. Nice combination.

beach stones

It was about 11 o'clock in the morning and check in at the hotel starts at 2 pm. We arrived too early. Having left our things in a special room near the registry, we went to the beach. The resort has two their own beaches. To get to them you can only by passing the Swiss control. Outsiders is not the case. The weather was wonderful - about 25 degrees above zero. It is average for a December day, when you consider that it is not in Bermuda season. But people are sunbathing and swimming in water. Its temperature was higher than the air temperature, which surprised us, but did not upset. The water was clear, the sand is soft and clean, though not pink, as we expected. The beach was surrounded by reefs. These reefs have caused the deaths of thousands of ships, which gave the right to Bermuda sailors to call it Devil's Island until the 17th century, when the command of Admiral Somers, also wrecked on Bermuda, founded here the first (after Virginia) British colony.

diving with turtle

In the area of the reefs several masked men looked at the seabed. Shoals of fish swam here. Among them there were quite large unusual blue ones. To consider them, the mask was not needed. So we struck out his plan snorkeling - this was not necessary. Also, after some discussion, it was struck on the tour boat with a glass bottom to the place of the lost ships. According to advertisement, in this place ships die often, people disappear and planes fall, being unable to fly.

- I came here to relax, not to engage in self-torture, - husband said firmly.
- And I want rest, what should I bother?

ocean and sunset

In the bay a small boat glided under striped sails. They can be rented here on the beach. In addition, the hotel offers a full service diving equipment, water bikes, scooters and skiing. For traveling to areas of civilization (Resort is a 40- minute drive from the city of Hamilton and 20 minutes from the old British colonies of St. George) one could rent scooters. To do this was not necessary right. Paid $35 for a night and go for a drive. But scooters are designed for two people, and we had three. One was superfluous. Not to injure yourself figuring out exactly who we decided to abandon the idea and use public transportation. Take a car to foreigners is forbidden. In addition there was another reason - Bermuda has left-hand traffic.

prefessional diving

Public transportation in Bermuda consists of buses and boats, called ferries. Almost all the larger islands are connected by bridges, footpaths are deprived. This is inconvenient for pedestrians, but it brings revenue to the municipality, as it forces everyone without exception tourists to use public transport or rent scooters. Bus fares are quite expensive. In order to move across the bridge and get to the airport from the Grotto Bay, you must pay $2.50. Driving to Hamilton is $3.50, and $4.50 to Dockyard. Boat trip will cost you $4.00. But if you buy a ticket for one day, you'll pay just $12.00, and for two days - $20.00. Card is valid for buses and water transport. The benefit is obvious. Students with a valid student ID card have more substantial discount - fare costs only 50 cents on any means of transport. You just have to buy a package of 15 tickets for $7.50 . Unused tickets can be taken before leaving. And buy and deliver back passes and tickets can be right in the hotel.

Sudden trip to Bermuda

The following proposition was unexpected – we were invited to Bermuda.

Four days and three nights for Silvester holidays in a hotel complex with a long, resembling the full name of some Arabean person called Grotto Bay Beach Resort Bermuda together with the flight for only $ 388 per person.

flying over sea

The thought struck me as attractive. New Year in Bermuda with Pink Sands, white yachts, cemetery of airliners and lost ships.
Charter a yacht, swim in it at the center of Bermuda Triangle, to get in a storm on New Year's night, barely escaping death, a return by telling a group of friends of the miraculous salvation. And to the question "So what happened to the boat?” casually throw: “It sank."

Yes ... It's cool.
Decision was made. But a good start is to get the approval of the household people.

ocean boat

Bermuda? Lazily repeated daughter, never taking his eyes from the TV. Triangle? Cool. It's a real challenge. Husband , unsuccessfully trying to put together purchased the night before and razed to the ground laptop (every time you build a few details are left superfluous), said that we could not take him from the case with any nonsense.

Thus, the family's consent was obtained, and I started for fulfilling dreams in life. Not without its traditional Bermudian neighborhoods mysticism. Well, first, $388 in the process of booking tickets turned into $788: Orbitz, as always, added all kinds of taxes, interest and service fees. Besides after order it was revealed that food was not included in the package price. So we would have to produce our own food or pay extra place.

ocean sunset

Secondly, when the tickets were booked and paid for, I've found that on the way back in the plane there were no places for us. Ordering tickets online, we choose for ourselves a place that had a note on the plan of the aircraft we would like to take. Typically, seat number immediately appear on an electronic ticket. In our case, the incredible happened. All the seats on the plane, which we bought tickets were already booked! If this happens , it is usually removed from the flight sales. But tickets for a flight from Hamilton toin New York's Kennedy Airport on January 1 continued to be sold until the departure of the aircraft from the Bermuda airport. Despite the fact that there is no free space on the Boeing!
I made several unsuccessful attempts to book a place. Then I decided to consult with my spouse what to do next. Husband, who considers himself an expert in everything, was not surprised.
- Well , as usual , hotel , travel different excursions.
- What is it? - Asked the husband.

reef divers

Scrolling through the list , he explained.
- What don't you actually understand? You decided to celebrate the New Year in the most dangerous place in the world, booked a couple of excursions, so that the ingress was for sure, and still wonder what you were sold one-way tickets. Why do you have tickets back?
- Then why did it take a charge for both ends ? - I asked.
- The question is certainly interesting, - agreed my spouse.


Our daughter is interested in the recent teachings of Hare Krishna, advised:
- Relax and meditate. Something bad will happen - you will have been prepared, nothing will happen - it will be for you a pleasant surprise.
Approximately one hour after the departure from the New York airport we were thoroughly shaken. We looked at each other and looked at the monitor, indicating the track of course of our aircraft. Our Boeing was flying over the Atlantic Ocean - just at the point where the triangle is placed.
When we rocked for the second time, and the flight attendant, smiling sweetly, asked to fasten your seat belts. The husband said grimly "Who buckles will be spread over the plane, strapped will sit as if alive."

sun buns out

The plane landed without incident at exactly the appointed time - 10:45 am. Despite the fact that from the airport to our hotel it was no more than a hundred meters, it was not easy to get to there. The airport was on the edge of another island - called Saint Davis. And it was connected to our island - Hamilton - bridged by touching the name of the Long Bird Bridge, which were not included in footpaths. These 85-95 meters had to drive a taxi or bus.

Money Business in Bermuda

The national currency of the monetary system of Bermuda is Bermuda dollar, which is 100 cents. In the turnover denominations of 1, 5 , 10, 20 , 50 and $100 are involved.

Prior to the introduction in 1970 of the Bermuda dollar Bermuda Bermuda addressed pound divided into 20 shillings and 240 pence, equal to the pound sterling. The gold content of the Bermudian pound was fixed by IMF on December 18, 1946 to 3.158134 grams of fine gold. Devaluation of the pound sterling at 18 September 1949 and 18 November 1967 and the gold content of the dollar parity changed accordingly changes the pound sterling. On February 6, 1970 entered Bermudian dollar with a gold content of 0.888671 grams of pure gold equal to the U.S. dollar, its compliance with the pound sterling was 2.40 Bermudian dollar to £1. Subsequently, the gold content of the dollar changed accordingly to Bermudian dollar changes.

money business

Denominations have several modifications. Obverse as it contains all banknotes image of Elizabeth II, on the external design all the notes are similar. Fundamental difference between the designs of banknotes between old and new samples is none. The latest releases on the bills appeared watermark salmon because of what degree of protection of authenticity new bills compared to the previous series of banknotes was higher. On the reverse side of the banknote 2 dollars placed country map and image the boat in the center of the banknote is the emblem, the dominant color - azure turquoise. At $5 bill placed the coat of arms, the lighthouse and the capital of Bermuda species, primary colors are purple, lilac and orange.

10 dollars placed images of albatross and sinks, as well as the type of the harbor and the coat of arms. The dominant colors are blue, blue and purple. 20 dollars depicted coastal scenery, bridge and arms, basic colors are green, red and pink.

ocean leisure

$ 50 has shipwreck, galleon, map of the country, as well as the arms. The predominant colors are brown, red and yellow. 100 dollars contains the building of the National Assembly and the Parliament, as well as the arms; the primary colors of orange and brown .

It is incredible how rapidly financial system of the modern world is changing. Like a great sun shine every eleven years changes its poles, the modern financial system decided to turn everything upside down. Or rather modern governments that share rule, decided to start a new worksheet in the modern history of offshore jurisdictions.

ships in cove

The next step in the fight against money laundering is the OECD Convention. As part of the convention, or rather his signature in this document have already put more than 80 countries. It was done not only to prove its intention to combat fraud, but also actively participate in this. Under this Convention countries will provide detailed information on all citizens of the requested Party. All this is part of the great "cleansing" of offshore jurisdictions. The first fighter for the benefit of playing British Prime Minister David Cameron. That he is actively working on all of the former colonies of Great Britain, and now offshore jurisdictions.

Everything went smoothly until Bermuda is not refused to sign the OECD Convention on combating tax evasion.

undersea plants

This spring grand plan was along its course and six former colonies of Great Britain agreed to cooperate with the major countries of Europe and, if necessary, to provide detailed information about their customers. Limited list of countries contains Britain, France , Germany, Italy and Spain. But, apparently, British Prime Minister did not want to stop there and offered overseas States to sign the OECD convention yet. Bermuda and then changed their minds. Okay, 5 more countries, and here is a list of 80 countries that appear to them at all and did not accept. The question of why , here, even inappropriate.

Such a small country exists because of the offshore industry and financial services that it provides, and any violation of the usual rules and regulations can ruin the entire financial system of the islands. A recent example is Cyprus, which froze the financial sector for more than two weeks. Yes , the situation was slightly different, but the effects of any turbulence may be irreversible. Investors value stability and not unrealistic promises. Once started a stir in the West, all stretched to the east - Singapore, Hong Kong etc. Bermuda is well aware of, and therefore opposed to innovation in the global financial system.

undersea world

Prime Minister of Bermuda Kannoner Craig said that the Convention contains some provisions that we must examine and possibly adapt. He also noted that some provisions of the OECD document could harm the financial system of Bermuda.

What is Bermuda

Bermuda is in the center of the Atlantic, in 6.5 -hour flight from England and in 1046 miles to the East of North Carolina. The archipelago consists of 180 coral islands and tiny islets, most of which are uninhabited. The main island of the archipelago is Bermuda. Climate of islands is subtropical with two seasons - spring and summer, or "Golf and Spa" and "Beach and heat" as the locals say. Temperature range from +19 to +28 degrees C, which makes it possible to stay on throughout the year. Rainiest months are from late June to October.

bermuda sea bed

Bermuda beaches are famous for their unique pink sand, very rarely found in nature. It can be found on the island of Bermuda in the interval between the Gulf Coast Warwick Long and Horseshoe bay. Beaches are both public and privately owned hotels. Public beaches are closed at night.

Along the miles on the unique beauty of the coast there are a variety of accommodations from traditional and fancy houses to modern buildings of luxurious deluxe hotels. They are suitable for all categories of travelers, including those who would like to undergo spa treatments. Or do outdoor activities - tennis and golf (8 fields), horse riding, rugby and cricket, and snorkeling diving, kayaking and para-sailing.

bermuda under sea

On the islands there are many fascinating places to explore. It's crystal cave and botanical gardens, and 365 places near the coast for wreck diving. Still hunters for treasures find the treasure on the seabed of the British merchant ships and Spanish galleons. Also add 120-kilometer grand ridge coastal coral colonies of thick sea grass in clean coastal waters, making it ideal habitat for a variety of marine animals.

Bermuda is home to about 350 species of birds. Bermuda petrels is one of the rarest seabirds with oatmeal bright blue color, blue herons, plovers Arctic. With its mild climate year-round island is covered with lush tropical vegetation. Everywhere you will find oleanders, bougainvillea, lily, red, yellow and white hibiscus flowers, yellow-purple colors. Real island paradise!

calm island bay

The island's capital is Hamilton. It is a dynamic and cosmopolitan with a relaxed and cheerful charm. Main attractions of Hamilton are Bermuda Cathedral (Gothic Revival) , Bermuda Historical Society Museum, which contains an exposition Age of Discovery and the subjects raised from the seabed, the Bermuda National Gallery, which contains works by Thomas Gainsborough, Joshua Reynolds and Winslow Homer.

The city of St. George is announced by UNESCO as heritage of humanity. Its architecture reproduces events and attributes of bygone days. Especially, the Royal Square, which is located on the Town Hall of the 18th century with the pillory, which served a place of punishment of criminals. Interests are Old State House in 1620, the Bermuda National Trust Museum, Royal Naval Shipyard Bermuda with ancient forts. Older buildings have been renovated and the fort was a second life. It now houses the Bermuda Maritime Museum, a traditional pub, cinema, craft market and Snorkel Park which is one of the best centers of learning scuba diving in Bermuda.

island beach

The friendly and hospitable islanders are proud of their historical heritage, combining many cultures. Traditional Bermuda shorts are here with dignity and a plate with a thick fish soup with seafood cocktail with rum is always available. On the islands there are more than 150 restaurants from fine, deli to completely democratic where in addition to fine cuisine you are always guaranteed a warm welcome and the most friendly smile.

Bermuda is famous for its colorful carnivals and festivals , the most famous of which - a music festival OCA held in late July - early August.

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Bermuda reveals how much of this word for the tourist! Many dream of traveling to Bermuda and some even going out there in a heartbeat. So what is the difference between these islands from the others and why staying here is remembered forever.

Bermuda include more than 150 islands and reefs and are successful at the intersection of sea routes, and very close to nine hundred kilometers from North America. Historically, Bermuda belongs to the so -called British Overseas Territories, this explains the fact that the first inhabitants were Englishmen in 1609, although the Spaniards discovered the islands. Tangled, by the way, secrets and incredible stories here suffice - the famous Bermuda Triangle. Above are a few Bermuda Railways airlines have often had unexplained catastrophe in the air and on the sea space. But tourists in these places do not swim, leisure is enough to have in paradise on 150 islands.

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Weather in Bermuda pleases its stability and there is plenty of sunshine, intended for travelers at any time of year. The average year-round temperature is 24 C and different in the winter months more humidity in the summer with light winds from the sea. The mild subtropical climate allows tourists all year round rest actively playing sports, tennis, golf on the open natural areas.

The most beautiful sunrises and sunsets can be seen from the coastlines of Bermuda for the reason that all the islands occupy small areas orb can be seen from all sides.

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Population of all the islands is almost 70 thousand people. And the number of leisure traveler is ten times more and so virtually the entire economy is linked to tourism, but also developed industry and agriculture industry such as pharmaceutical and shipbuilding are there too. Of course, the locals catch fish, breeding livestock, grow flowers and vegetables for export to other countries. Bermuda attract not only those wishing to bask in the sunshine around here, but due to lack of business taxes in the transactions by foreign companies.

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Climate is subtropical. Average July temperature is +27° C, in January it is +18° C due to a close and warm Atlantic Gulf Stream. Despite the fact that in winter the temperature rarely drops to 0° C (due to entry of cold air from the Arctic), frosts in Bermuda are excluded. For the Bermuda archipelago characterized tropical storms, although due to the northern location of the islands rather they come here (from the Caribbean) is not at the peak of their destructive power.

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Bermuda is a famous tourist destination, perhaps even less known than luxurious Bahamas. But these resorts, lapped by the waters of the Atlantic Ocean and located more than 1,000 km from the North American continent, especially loved by the citizens of the U.S. and UK. However, only those immodest than income exceeds all established state budget average monthly earnings of the population.

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In other words, Bermuda is quite an expensive resort, but it is more than worth it! No matter what corner of this paradisaical oasis among the ocean waters you are brought in, everywhere you will find superb beaches tucked away in a very comfortable and cozy coves and securely protected from the dangers of traditional stormy ocean coral reefs. But even among all the pomp competing islands, Bermuda distinguished by their magical pink and white sand (this marvelous shade is provided be coral grit) and crystal-clear coastal waters. In addition, during a riot of tropical vegetation Bermuda is often compared with flowering fragrant garden - both literally and figuratively.

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Traditionally associated with beach holiday entertainment it is clearly sustained in an aristocratic Anglo-Saxon spirit - a huge amount of space given over to the island golf course. Windsurfing fans are encouraged to visit a place of Warwick Long Bay - it is perfectly known professionals stretch of coast, virtually unprotected piers and reefs, where you can catch a good wave. Diving in Bermuda also promises to be a memorable one, as there is a whole colony of sunken ships from medieval centuries - maybe even a pirate, who knows. If your snorkeling draws exclusively from the point of view of the underwater world, and in this case Bermuda will give a lot of feelings . Bright oceanic depths inhabitants here are very picturesque and varied. So diving in the area of ​​the northernmost Atlantic corals (namely those of these islands) is considered to be one of the best in the world.

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On the islands of beautiful sandy there are beaches and lots of small cozy coves. Subtropical nature pleases you with colorful shrubs, exotic trees and unusual colors. It should be noted that the rivers, lakes and other water bodies on the islands virtually don't exist. Pink sand and turquoise sea is the main thing that remains at the heart of tourists. Of course , Bermuda is something to see, what to admire and thereby learn more about the country and the people who created a paradise on earth. Bermuda is famous for its national parks and gardens, endless trails for hiking, cycling , unusual museums and art galleries, national holidays and carnivals.

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Stunning trips to meet with the dolphins waiting for tourists at any time of the year and will give you a charge of vivacity and good mood. Local craftsmen create works of applied art and in every town there is a market where artisans sell their crafts as souvenirs and utilitarian things. Cathedrals, churches, city buildings hit rigor and southern beauty, old buildings reminiscent of the glorious historical events are there, which are full of history of Bermuda. Set of fortresses were built in the last century and there are still in excellent condition and are the pride of the islanders. Those tourists who come to Bermuda in March-April , certainly lucky to see whales migrating along the southern coasts .

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Bermuda has a huge number of hotels of different "Star" and for a variety of prices. I must say that Americans love to rest on these islands make up statistics nine out of ten of all tourist arrivals. Hotels provide all services, including food, which can be varied as desired tourist and include preferred national dishes of any nation in the world. But guests of Bermuda will enjoy the local cuisine with great pleasure, rich in fish and vegetable dishes and exotic fruit.

Getting lost on Bermuda

This is the end of the story of the trip to Bermuda.

While my husband watched the dolphins, I decided to go to one of the halls of the museum. But this was not just a museum, it was also an old fortress in the age of a few centuries. Some rooms are closed. I pushed one door sign which notifies that it is a museum of Bermuda shells and it was closed. I clung to the door and heard a terrible howl, most likely it was a breeze. But after reading the various legends about Bermuda, I was not myself and I immediately recoiled.

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The Spanish did not like this island, because their ships constantly crashed on the reefs. And they constantly heard the howl of some creatures. They thought it was the devil and Bermuda was called after that as Devil's Island. Then they found out that it was bird Kahu's voices , but by the time the British took possession of more civilized island and the first thing they set up was the fortresses and prisons. So, I went to another room, which was located in another building. I went into the poorly lit room.

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There was an interesting models of ships, including that first one - the British with name Sea Venture. Different artifacts were standing. We have passed one stand and began to read. Suddenly I heard someone comes up and asks. Hey, is there anyone, and immediately turned off the light. We must know that Bermuda closes everything early and it is unusual after being for some time in USA. I came out from behind the booth and poor employee nearly fainted. Told me that I was the first visitor per day, usually in these halls nobody goes. I asked to watch the display for a few more minutes, then went out into the fresh air and discovered that my husband was not at the place where I had left him with all the shopping, the keys to the room and my guest card, which serves a pass on the ship. He just disappeared!

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I desperately bypassed the nearby area, all six acres I did not have warned the employee at the gate that he would stay there. So keep in mind that I left the museum I realized it, and he went to the ship, moored nearby at the pier. For a moment, I was overcome by a strange feeling that this is exactly how people are late on their ships and left on some exotic islands. Then they turn into Robinson and may be difficult to find due to the changed appearance. While I was talking with a lady officer at the entrance, my husband suddenly appeared from somewhere, waving packages together and we snapped at each other, accusing the desire to get rid of the second half of such an unusual way. But then there was no time to swear, it was necessary to run to a French restaurant, where we had booked a place on this evening.

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Later in the evening we were taken to a glass bottom boat show wreck. But as the weather worsens for the eyes, waiting for the storm, the tour seemed at least me to be not very great. I strove to hide everything on the lower deck. One of the reasons that I do not like about this island is its small size. If there is a big storm it will sweep away all these multimillion-dollar villas. And how impressionable the nature is and what are the stories to remember. I heard all the nasty curve Kahu birds and remembered how many ships wrecked on its way to the island. Probably I should have gone less to museums.

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St. George

So, our first stop was at St. George. This is the old capital of Bermuda, it is more than 400 years old. The island is only 12 miles long, surrounded by hundreds of others, but very tiny ones. Several bays and coves, wonderful beaches with pink sand, clear, azure water in the ocean. Island country belongs to Britain, but absorbed many cultures, including American, Portuguese, African- American. Everything is very expensive, as is characteristic of all the British colonies, but very beautiful and elegant. Sense of style is throughout. We booked an excursion on a cart drawn by horses, and it was the most elegant solution. Although it is a small town, but it's not possible to run it around by foot, and many of the taxi will not be seen. After admiring the luxurious villas , palm trees and flowering hibiscus, tropical flowers that grow in Bermuda as a hedge and it is the national flower.

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Everything connected with water is very popular - boats, catamarans, diving with masks and without. But we are already two days in the ocean seasick, so we just admired the city and beaches. On evening in the city a festival in honor of tourists was staged. So I suspect they have these festivals every day. The next day we sailed in Hamilton, the modern capital. The city where the big money flows. After all, there are no taxes in Bermuda and the most popular businesses that are done by banks and insurance companies. Beaches, beaches and we always wanted to eat. They fed us well on the way on our ship. We are there and slept. So the idea to go on a cruise to Bermuda proven itself not only aesthetically, but also financially.

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Considering the price of the houses and everything else there it is pretty expensive place to live. But how much would you pay for living every day like it is your holiday? I believe it is worth it. However, if all your life is like beaches and ocean, it will become hard to continue valuing it. So my personal opinion is that such beautiful places should be only for rest or vacations. Nothing is more important that the productive life with very decent rest. So I would definitely choose Bermuda for having a great time enjoying nice climate and great views. Knowing how local people work, it is really no rush here. Be on Bermuda to enjoy!

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